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CBD 300mg Tincture-Sold in USA ONLY


Ananda Professional 300mg CBD Tincture


Our full-spectrum products have multiple cannabinoids, not just one or two. Some CBD companies sell products that only contain CBD. We do not believe that CBD by itself is the optimal way to consume cannabinoids.

300mg Active Cannabinoids.

10mg Active Cannabinoids/ml.

<0.3% THC.


American grown and produced, Ananda Professional’s hemp-flower extract provides a full spectrum blend of cannabinoids which is associated with an “entourage effect” which is not present in CBD-only extracts.


Each 30ml bottle contains 300mg of active cannabinoids which can be precisely measured with the scored pipette providing individualized administration appreciated by pharmacists and consumers.


Ananda Professional is an exclusive line of cannibidiol (CBD) products created strictly for pharmacists. This exclusive professional line meets strict safety standards and features pharmaceutical grade full-spectrum cannabinoids



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